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We are proud to announce that our graduates dedicate 160 hours annually to training new students, creating a community of impact-driven individuals. Our alumni are making a real difference in the lives of the next generation, creating a triple-down effect that improves the future prospects of underrepresented youth. With this approach, we are creating a sustainable and long-lasting impact in underrepresented communities.

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Our comprehensive 9-month training program focuses on developing both technical and soft skills to create effective leaders. Our graduates achieve financial independence by securing jobs in the software houses and IT companies, or by starting their own freelancing services.

Take a look at the profiles of some of our Former Students

Samra Naaz

Working at Contour Software House as a Mern Stack Developer

Saher Altaf

Working at Abacus Consulting as a SQA Engineer

Maryam Zulfiqar

Working at KICS UET as a Research Officer in AI/Backend Developer Lab

Maham Attique

Working at KICS UET as a Network/Cyber Security Engineer

Kainat Riaz

Working at Nobal Bridge Technologies as Web Developer

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Despite my father's hard work to ensure my education and job opportunities, Pakistan's flawed education system made it difficult for me to break the poverty cycle. But thanks to STEP, I gained technical and soft skills, leading to a good job and the ability to support my family. I used my knowledge to help other families in the neighbourhood break out of poverty, proving the power of determination and education.

Story of Aug 2020

Naghma Khan

Growing up in a community where women were discouraged from pursuing education and employment, I witnessed firsthand the struggles that many girls faced in finding work. But then I discovered STEP, and everything changed. Through their program, I gained the necessary training and skills to become a successful Front-end Developer, and I landed a great job at a reputable company. With my newfound income, I was able to support my family and help my father with financial issues. By breaking free from the cycle of joblessness, I was able to create a better future for myself and my loved ones.

Story of Dec 2021

Haider Ali

Alumni Story

At STEP , we believe in building a strong community of tech professionals, and that's why we're proud to have a thriving alumni network that continues to support and inspire one another long after graduation.

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