Our Partners

Investing in the Future of Pakistan: STEP FOR CHANGE

Babar Arshad

Founder - Tech Entrepreneur

10+ years experiences

Sadia Nawaz

Analytical Skills Trainer

20+ years experience / Board Member

Ghulam Arshad


40+ years experience / Board Member

Uzma Almakky

Motivational Speaker

30+ yrs experience / Board Member

John Fiorentino

Visionary Advisor

20+ yrs experience/ Board Member

Aliya Zulfiqar


25+ yrs experience / Board Member

Sairah Khan

Financial Consultant

7+ yrs experience / Board Member

Faiza Tariq

Development Sector Consultant

5+ yrs experience

Aun Abbas

Strategy Consultant

5+ yrs experience

Zinnia Arshad

Data Science Trainer

4+ yrs experience

Sajjad Ali

Technical Trainer

Kommal Joyo

Project Manager

Umer Ayub

Operations Lead

Neha Saleem

Marketing Lead

Mahnoor Abbas

Human Resource

Rizwan Saleem

Tech Lead

Ayesha Ghias

Partnerships Support

Zohair Jaffery

Tech Support

Rab Nawaz

Office Support